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'Yes, a Tesla is expensive, but have you priced a new full-size pickup lately?'

Tom WebbWhy are the electric-vehicle (EV) drivers of Washington, Multnomah and Clackamas counties doing their part of reducing pollution just so the rural, low-income residents can continue driving their big pickups to the store?

There were some pretty large errors and omissions in the commentary by Rachel Dawson in the Jan. 22, 2020, newspaper about subsidized Teslas.

Refer to Rachel Dawson's Jan. 22, 2020, commentary about electric vehicle subsidies.

The vehicle price is first in line. Yes, a Tesla is expensive, but have you priced a new full-size pickup lately? Be ready to swallow hard when you see MSRP numbers in the $50,000-60,000 range. Add a few options and fancy trim and see the price go up another 10 grand or so.

There are several different EV driving ranges available. Many are well suited to local commuting and others will take you on longer trips. Yes, a little planning may be involved to find charging stations along the way (check out but there are also potty stops and meals to consider. Why not charge during those breaks? Charge at home while you watch TV and sleep. If you haven't noticed, electric power-generating facilities have become much more efficient and less polluting lately due to regulation. Add in hydro, solar and wind, and EVs look better all the time.

Cold weather problems? Sure, there is some power loss. But why are countries like Norway, Sweden and Finland such "hotbeds" of EV sales? On YouTube, search for "Bjorn Nyland" and be ready to be educated and entertained. He tests a wide variety of EVs in all kinds of weather and terrain from Oslo to Finnish Lapland. You might even want to visit after watching a few of his "road trips."

Power outages can be a bit of a problem. But internal-combustion engine (ICE) cars need gasoline or diesel pumps, and those pumps are not powered by wishes. Anyway, when was the last time there an extended power outage where you live?

If those "multiple legislative concepts" are passed, why not jump on board and go electric rather than complain about how unfair they are?

It is true that it makes no financial sense to dump a perfectly good ICE car in favor of an EV (I have one of each), especially with gas prices as low as they are — I say low but can remember 29.9 cents and less per gallon in my youth. But if a new or newer vehicle is in your future, it would be worth the effort to learn about the advantages — and, yes, disadvantages — of an EV depending on your needs. Beware of opinions pushed by those who do not know what they are talking about.

Tom Webb is an Oregon City resident.

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