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Readers write to us about a local couple's COVID-19 story, the legislative session and more.

Love in the time of coronavirus

In the article, "Forest Grove couple stuck in Japan as coronavirus spreads" published in the March 4, 2020, edition of News-Times, Max Egener nicely describes the peculiar situation of the Frasures. The couple is held in Japan amidst the coronavirus epidemic on the

Diamond Princess cruise ship.

This article provides a much-needed light in a dark time. Kent Frasure, a Hillsboro Intel employee whose wife tested positive for coronavirus, appears to be in high spirits, despite being quarantined along with his wife.

Read our story on the Frasures' situation as it was published online Feb. 28, 2020.

The quotes from Kent Frasure put his sense of humor on display as he described how he tried to find things to do while under quarantine. Additionally, his lackadaisical tonality behind his words solidifies his truly remarkable personality. It was incredible to see how he has kept positive with all things considered.

Furthermore, Kent Frasure touched the hearts of people, like myself, with the following quote: "I won't be leaving Japan without her."

Mr. Frasure's refusal to leave his wife, who will likely be held for longer than him, highlights his undying commitment to her. There may be a financial crisis, global hysteria about an epidemic, and government agencies working overtime; however, it is our love for one another and collective action on the federal and state level that will allow us to persevere. The Frasures' story fully encapsulates the notion that love is all you need in these trying times.

Dalton Sikes, Hillsboro

Republican legislators failed Oregonians

What a shameful and sad way to see the 2020 legislative session come to a close without completing the people's business. All because of a second walk out in as many years by Republican lawmakers, who seem to think this is a valid political tactic.

Whether Republican or Democrat, we should all be ashamed of such immature behavior by so-called "adults." These are the same "grown-ups" who would likely rant if it were about irresponsible truant behavior by school children. Taxpayers in Oregon — of all political stripes — deserve better. We all share the same tax burden when it comes to paying lawmakers to show up for work and make the hard decisions that representatives at every level of government are called to make. And shuffling those tough decisions off on the messy ballot initiative process may seem convenient, but is simply a cover for the "I-want-to-keep-my-government-gig" mentality that allows them to wash their hands of any potential criticism.

There used to be something in governance called "the art of compromise," which can only occur if two sides have the courage to sit down and talk honestly with each other. That's what we elect lawmakers to do.

There's also something known in the private sector as no-show-up-for-work-no-pay. In the private sector, when you join the picket lines to protest policy, you'll most likely find your actions reflected in your paycheck. Maybe that's an idea whose time has come to the Oregon Legislature.

If Republican lawmakers don't want to think about the longer-term consequences of continued fossil fuel consumption on the health of our environment and our children's and grandchildren's future, then I suggest they convince the majority of Oregonians by winning legislative seats at the ballot box. In recent election cycles, they haven't. Otherwise, it seems pretty clear what most Oregonians want. They want lawmakers to do the job they were elected to do.

The time for stunts and shenanigans is up. It's time to talk and and enact legislation that ensures a future for our state, our nation and our world.

Timothy Rake, Forest Grove

Kate Brown and Democrats exceed their mandate

Governor Brown: with all due respect, a lot of Oregonians have been watching what is going on in Salem.

Regardless of our political perspective, we should be very concerned about your actions and the Democratic supermajority legislators. We elect people we think will represent us in our government and we support the process (even if we disagree with the final outcome). But the integrity and actions of our government matter.

What we have heard about and witnessed by Democrats this session are wrong no matter which party you identify with. Things have gone too far. Let us vote!

Kathy Moore, Boardman

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