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Readers are frustrated with the COVID-19 response, thankful for generosity and looking ahead to the May election.

Democrats spend big by exploiting crisis

It is times like this of the coronavirus pandemic that the best and worst comes out in people.

On the positive side, I am thankful for the hard working folks at the grocery stores, service stations, post offices, banks, drive-in food service outlets, etc., for their willingness to continue to serve the general public despite the potential risks to themselves and their loved ones.

On the negative side, it seems there are people wanting to take political advantage of the situation. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the liberal Democrats are a prime example of this. When President Donald Trump first suggested funds to help those temporarily unemployed and small businesses, I thought that was reasonable at $1 trillion dollars, but when Pelosi doubled that with her pork barrel items, I became, like most taxpayers, incensed. I say "no more"! We and our children and grandchildren have to pay for it!

We have millions of citizens who are ready and willing to work and many corporations are opening up new positions. Likewise, the majority of citizens have either sufficient auto immune systems to combat this or have become so by recovering from the illness. What we all need to do, however, is follow basic hygiene, eat, sleep and drink responsibly and stay at home if truly sick (or seek qualified medical help). If everyone abides by this, we will all get through it as God intended.

Jerry Hrabal, Hillsboro

St. Helens small business owner supports Grant

I'm writing to state my support for Columbia County Circuit Judge Jenefer Grant.

I met Jenefer in 2005 before she became a judge. I'm privileged to have witnessed her growth in both career and life. She is someone whom I love and respect, both as a person and a professional.

Judge Grant takes her role and level of responsibility seriously. She is caring, empathetic and realistic. She approaches every case with clarity and integrity. Her empathy ensures that she takes every case on its merits. She's dedicated, reliable and dependable, both at work and in her personal life.

Her personal life and her work as a judge really do go hand in hand. She's humble, kind and caring. She is also the most grounded person I know. Her self-care and balance in life is extremely important to her and she lives and breathes it every single day. She is an excellent mom, wife and community member. She's also an amazing cook and always willing to share her creations at community functions. In summary, Judge Grant is a balanced, caring community leader and hardworking judge.

I support the re-election of Judge Jenefer Grant. I cannot think of a better judge for this county.

Kayla Mixer

Owner, Pure Serenity Massage

A prayer for the community from a World War II vet

For those who are hurting with hardships, perplexities and distress, the same everlasting Father, who took care of you yesterday, will take care of you today and every day. Either He will shield you from suffering, or He will give you strength to bear it. Be at peace then, and put aside all anxious thoughts and imaginations.

And remembering God's great promise to mankind. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow us all the days of our lives and we will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

Ray Puckett, Tigard

New York to Oregon: Thank you!

From the people of New York to the people in Oregon:

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for letting us use your ventilators. People's lives will be saved because you care. As soon as we don't need them, they will be returned to you.

Thank you again.

Please put this into the papers with the most readers.

Dianne Linscott, Rochester, New York

Further details needed from Health Authority

The Oregon Health Authority now is releasing confirmed cases by age group, which produces an interesting chart, with wide age dispersal. The hospitalization cases are not yet broken down by age group; it would help tremendously if we could see that and both could help convince young people of the need to sequester.

I also would like to see a breakdown by age group in Washington County, since the county is an epicenter of the outbreak in Oregon. Please keep pushing on OHA to release more demographic data. I know reporters succeeded in getting hospital data/demographics released (numbers/sex at least, now). I'm not the only data geek out here!

Sue Bliss, Hillsboro

Former Portland city commissioner backs Saultz

Oregon's foster care crisis needs attention. With over 4,000 children in foster care hoping for a "forever family", stories of terrible living conditions and neglect have become far too common and are unacceptable. Children are being shipped out of state because our overburdened and underfunded system is not equipped to provide for all the children who need help.

House District 33 candidate Andy Saultz is committed to finding the necessary funds to improve our system, lower the caseloads for our overburdened caseworkers, and help the young Oregonians who need it the most. As an educator, Saultz will also work to improve the dismal 2% college graduation rate for foster children.

When the voters of HD 33 fill out their ballots, I urge them to think out about the children in our foster system who so desperately need help. Saultz will be a strong leader and deliver for these children. He is someone the voters can trust.

Dan Saltzman, Southwest Portland

People need medical security

We need a plan to provide universal healthcare and paid sick leave for Americans in the next coronavirus response bill.

The state of our economy during this pandemic proves the connection between citizen health, the economy and national security. Healthcare provided by employers doesn't work in a recession or pandemic that forces businesses to close their doors or downsize. Having access to free healthcare will slow the spread of the virus and prevent a second resurgence.

Universal healthcare will reduce risk of a future pandemic if Americans can afford to have the healthcare they need to prevent chronic conditions that increase their susceptibility to pandemic disease. If they have paid sick leave, they will stay at home to recover instead of spreading the virus because they can't afford the lost wages.

I'm concerned about the enormous medical bills COVID-19 survivors who are uninsured or underinsured will be faced with in the aftermath of this pandemic. This will threaten their financial stability and negatively impact their ability to contribute to rebuild the economy as we recover from this crises.

I urge President Trump to include a plan to give Americans the healthcare and sick leave they deserve, it will contribute to the strength of the country as a whole.

Theresa Jones, Southwest Portland

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