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Mackenzie Donnelly: 'Personally, I know that having too much homework can be very stressful.'

High school students should not get as much homework as they do currently.

Students have many more important things to focus on than just making sure they have their many hours of homework done. Also, the time that students have in high school is supposed to be important and memorable; however, high school is neither important or memorable if all or most of your free time is spent doing homework.

Since there are only 24 hours in a day, there is not enough time for homework to take up a lot of your time.

The actual time at school already takes up around eight hours of your day. When you add homework on top of that it adds a lot more time. If you add 1-2 hours of homework, it means that the student has 9-10 hours of school every day.

Depending on how much homework is assigned, it will determine how long it will take to finish the homework. Although some homework is only supposed to take 30 minutes, for some students doing homework can take much longer.

Some people may argue that homework teaches the student good time management. Unfortunately, for a lot of students, their goal is to get their homework done in as little time as possible. Other students don't do their homework; therefore, the time management lesson isn't practical in that case either.

Many students also play sports, as it is an important part of their lives. Sports normally take a minimum of two hours each day, although sometimes more if it is a game day. There's a lot of time spent playing sports; furthermore, what is taught is very important. Sports teach you to work hard, work with others, communicate, and provide much-needed social time.

Students are recommended to get at least eight hours of sleep although that is not normally what happens. Often, kids stay up late trying to finish the homework that they couldn't finish earlier that day. Maybe they were playing sports? Or maybe they were with their friends/family? Maybe they had to do chores; similarly, they may have had a job.

Having too much homework affects students in many negative ways. In the article "Is Too Much Homework Bad For Kids' Health?" from Healthline, it says: "When it came to stress, more than 70 percent of students said they were 'often or always stressed over schoolwork', with 56 percent listing homework as a primary stressor."

Personally, I know that having too much homework can be very stressful; likewise, having regular homework and projects every once in a while can be very time consuming.

Coming home from school to do homework when you have a lot of it and having other plans that night means that you need to finish it as fast as you can. Whenever students try to finish their homework as fast as they can, the homework isn't normally quality and the student may not understand the material.

High school students should not be given as much homework. Because of school, sports, sleep, family/friends, and a possible job, there isn't enough time in a day for added homework. People should advocate for school districts to set a limit on how much homework is allowed to be assigned.

Mackenzie Donnelly is a student at Banks High School. This essay was written and submitted to the News-Times as part of a class project, and it was one of several student letters and columns selected for publication.

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