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NATURE'S PET MARKET - Karen Sottile In the heat of summer, it's essential to keep your pet from overheating or becoming parched. Pets can become severely ill or die from dehydration.

Rule No. 1 is NEVER leave your pet in the car, unattended. (That may go without saying, but is always worth a reminder!)

Keep drinking-water bowls full of cool, fresh water. Make sure to regularly clean the water bowl and find a way to keep the water fresh. Refillable bowls with a water reserve or gallon bottle work very well.

Cats don't feel as thirsty as they should be, so making the water more appealing will encourage them to drink more. Cats prefer fresh-flowing water, so water fountains with a circulating water pump are a great solution. They also prefer that their water be separate from their food. Plus, wet food is a good way to trick your cat to eat moisture!

Dogs also need fresh water, so make sure they have it when you take your pet on a walk or hike. Dogs can be finicky about drinking from your hand, so a collapsible water bowl is good to have. Just fill it from your own water bottle. Keep your pet away drinking from puddles, which can breed giardia and hurt immune-compromised pets. Offer ice chips to your dog - they're fun to crunch on and a great source of moisture!

Have a fun and safe summer with your buddy!

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