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OASIS SENIOR ADVISORS - Seth Dickinson and Breanna NickilaWhen it comes to aging, our senior years (like every life phase) can come with their share of challenges. Your joints may be stiffer, your back might ache, and you may experience a few "senior moments" here and there. But that doesn't mean getting older is all bad! In fact, there are a number of great things about growing older that we don't always realize.

More than anything else, growing older almost always means more free time. And what you choose to do with that time can be the difference between being a grumpy grandparent and being your grandchildren's FAVORITE grandparent.

Of course, spending time with your grandchildren is a wonderful benefit of growing older, helping to build a loving bond between different generations. But there are plenty of other benefits as well. The time you gain during retirement gives you an opportunity to pursue some of your passions and dreams that haven't been getting enough attention. Maybe you want to be a scratch golfer, or learn a new language; now that you have the time, you can do just that!

Growing older also makes us wiser and more empathetic, giving us a broad perspective of the world around us. What better way to put those developments to use than by giving back to your community? One of our clients now, a 91 year old ex-teacher, volunteers at an elementary school teaching children how to read, and you can volunteer too!

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