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When you have an aging family member who is having difficulty living at home, a sense of dread can set in. When and how should you have "the talk?"

Talking about moving to assisted living can be overwhelming and stressful for everyone. But it's key to discuss it before a crisis occurs, so decisions aren't made hastily and under pressure.

Make it an ongoing discussion - If your elders are able to live alone and don't currently need the care provided by an assisted living, skilled nursing or another senior living community, you can discuss the inevitable future in a non-threatening way.

"The talk" can be viewed as a process where everyone's opinions can be heard. Start the conversation by saying, "I know this is hard to talk about, but I want to be sure that I honor your wishes. I need to know what they are, so I can be there and help you along the way. We don't have to decide anything today, but let's talk about it."

Know the options - Learn about the different types of senior living communities. Although costs could change, research typical costs. Learn about your parents' financial situation and options for funding.

Ask your loved one to join you in touring senior facilities, if they are healthy enough to do so. Tours usually dispel fear of the unknown or the belief that today's assisted living communities are like the institutional "nursing homes" in the old days.

Make "the talk" about love and caring for your parent's health and well-being. Because that's exactly what it is.

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