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As you age, your dietary needs change. You may find that food tastes different, you eat less, or are better able to recognize the foods that no longer agree with you. Along with these changes, many find cooking for one a hassle. Yet, maintaining healthy eating habits is vital to help prevent disease and diminishment of muscle and bone density. According to the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, healthy eating has numerous factors for success: Eat fruits and vegetables with vibrant colors. Dark green and orange vegetables contain more nutrients than their lighter-colored counterparts. Vary protein choices by adding more fish, beans, and nuts to your diet. Eat at least 3 ounces of wholegrain foods a day. These foods include brown rice, whole wheat bread, oatmeal, and cereal.

Control portion sizes. Avoid eating in front of the TV or computer which can result in distracted overeating. Limit empty calories from foods with high-sugar content, like soda and desserts. Avoid foods made with solid fats such as butter and shortening which are high in calories. We lose muscle mass and burn less calories as we enter the Golden Years; therefore, eating well is paramount to staying healthy. Men over the age of 60 should consume between 2,000-2,600 calories per day depending upon activity level while women should consume between 1,600-2,000 calories daily. At Prestige Summerplace we care about your overall health. Nutrient-rich meals are offered three times daily by our chefs who can also provide specialized diets such as low-sodium, low-fat, or diabetic meals.

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