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COURTESY PHOTO - Brought to you by Karen Sottile -- Nature's Pet Market -- PET SUPPLIES INSIDER - Beautiful spring is here and with the change of season, our thoughts turn to annual spring cleaning. Now is also the time to take inventory of potential springtime hazards for your animal friends.

Pet owners should be aware when using fertilizers, insecticides that might be dangerous if pets ingest them. Many springtime plants, such as rhododendrons and azaleas are highly toxic to pets and can prove fatal if eaten.

Also, pets can be allergic to foods, dust, plants and pollens. Allergic reactions in dogs and cats can cause itching, minor sniffling and sneezing, or life-threatening anaphylactic shock to insect bites and stings. Be prepared to treat those allergies as the weather changes.

When spring comes around, so do bugs. Make sure your pet is on year-round heartworm preventive medication and a tick control program.

As people come out of hibernation, there might be more trips to the park, longer walks and more chances for pets to wander. Make sure they are microchipped for identification and wear a tag with your address and cellphone and number.

Inside the house, be sure to keep all cleaners and chemicals out of your pets' way or purchase pet-safe cleaners.

Be cautious of physical hazards during remodeling projects, such as nails, staples, insulation, blades and power tools. Perhaps, confine dogs or cats to a designated pet-friendly room while work is underway.

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