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COURTESY PHOTO - Brought to you by Randy Preston - Honke Heating - HEATING AND COOLING INSIDER - It's commonly believed that school kids started taking summers off in the 19th century so they would have time to work on the farm. Nice as that story is, it isn't true. Summer vacation has little to do with tilling fields and more to do with sweaty, rich city kids playing hooky, spending time with their parents in cooler climates. Further, it was felt by many that the conditions in the summer created an environment that it made it easier to spread diseases. Although air conditioning has made it possible for students to be comfortable year-round, "year-round" was tried in the 1980s and then again in the 1990s, but for various reasons, it never took hold. It looks like the summer vacation schedule is here to stay.

Summer is just around the corner … don't wait until the last minute to get your cooling system ready for the hot weather. Sometimes in the peak of the cooling season, you can be looking a week or more for an appointment.

If your cooling system needs to be replaced or if you don't have a cooling system and are thinking about getting one, now is the time. There are some great deals, along with great rebates, again, if you wait until the peak season, your wait time can be a week or two.

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