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Brought to you by Karen Sottile -- Nature's Pet Market -- PET SUPPLIES INSIDER --

BROUGHT TO YOU BY KAREN SOTTILE -- NATURE'S PET MARKET -- PET SUPPLIES INSIDER -- - Brought to you by Karen Sottile -- Nature's Pet Market -- PET SUPPLIES INSIDER -- Summertime is here. Along with sunny days, it brings fireworks, thunderstorms, camping and car trips. This can stress and even terrify pets.

July is hard on pets with shelters seeing a 30 to 60 percent increase in lost pets around the Fourth of July. Loud bangs and bright flashes from fireworks and thunderstorms can scare pets into a panic. Keep pets safely inside with all the windows closed at night during peak firework times from July 4-8. Small cats and dogs can easily go through a screen window or door when panicked. Reduce stress and anxiety with the use of calming products.

There are many calming options for dogs and cats. Edible products range from straight herbal blends like chamomile and hops, a mix of amino acids like tryptophan and l-thianine, to cannabis-derived cbd oils and treats. Some soft chews have a blend of all three categories of calming aids. Also use a calming spray on bedding -- usually a blend of pheromones and aromatherapy. Other options are anxiety wraps that use a gentle pressure like a hug to calm pets.

Car trips can stress pets and make them car sick. Calming treats designed for travel usually have herbs to help reduce nausea. Soothing biscuits with charcoal, mint and ginger can also help. Dogs will feel less anxious if they feel secure in the car. Car seats are often slippery to dogs. Put something down they can grip like a towel, crate mat or seat protector. Seatbelt pets with a harness and attachments for extra security. They will feel more confident if they're not sliding and they'll be safer in case of an accident.

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