This article brought to you courtesy of Paula Walker, Pricipal Attorney at the Confluence Law Center, Gresham Outlook Insider Law Services Expert

Paula Walker, Principal at Confluence Law Center

As a law practice focused on Estate Planning, Confluence

Law Center is dedicated to helping you make sense of the

confluence of your life, your legacy and the legal landscape.

Your estate plan entails some of the most important and intimate of your life's decisions. What do you want to leave of your important and valuable life? How and to whom? Who do you want to care for you if you are unable to do so for yourself? How do you minimize excess costs like

Oregon estate taxes and probate, to keep the most of what

you've worked to attain for your own use, or for those you

want to give it to? How do you deal with difficult family matters and reduce the potential for conflict? Who do you want making endoflife decisions for you and what will those decisions be?

As your estate planning attorney, Paula Walker, Principal

Attorney at Confluence Law Center is your trusted advocate and partner in working with you to chart your course and make your decisions.

A complimentary consultation with Paula will give you

firsthand experience that this foray into the legal landscape

can be productive and comfortable. You will leave feeling

that you have a partner you can count on in creating your

future and your legacy. Schedule time to explore your particular needs with Paula.

Your Life. Your Legacy. Your Way. Confluence Law Center, serving Clackamas, Hood River and Multnomah Counties.

Confluence Law Center

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P.O.Box 964

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