This article brought to you courtesy fo Karen Sottile of Nature's Pet Market, Gresham Outlook Insider Pet Grooming and Supplies Expert.

Karen Sottile

If it is hot for you, it is hotter for your pet. Imagine wearing a fur coat when it's 90 degrees outside. Karen at Nature's Pet Market in Gresham has some tips for keeping your pet cool and comfortable in the heat.

Your pets need a shaded place and lots of cool, fresh

water at all times. For dogs, canine water bottles and

collapsible water bowls are available. Provide a wading

pool outside so they can climb in and cool off. Place a cat's water far away from their food dish. Your kitty likes

running water so a fountain is a good choice and as every

cat lover knows, they like to drink out of glasses. Especially

your glass!

We wear shoes, but dogs walk on the hot pavement and can suffer burns on their paws. Walk your dog early in

the morning and stick to the shade or on the grass. Nature's Pet Market has booties to protect those feet and also carries several brands of wax that form a barrier between the pavement and the paws.

Keeping your pets groomed removes excess fur and helps

double coated pets maintain their cool barrier of air.

Never, never, never leave an animal in the car in temps over 70! Even a car in the shade with the windows cracked can heat up rapidly. Leave them home or take them with you.

Nature's Pet Market

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