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An "almost" native of the Northwest, Paula earned her law degree from Lewis & Clark Law School. She was drawn to law as a way to give back to this Northwest area that she treasured. Inspired by the people and the communities she was part of and the grandeur and beauty of their collective home, Oregon, she felt that knowledge of the law would be the way that she could accomplish that purpose.

She chose Estate Planning as her field because it is a "cross-roads" field, a place where people face decisions of importance and need help in understanding how to navigate the complexities; those points in our lives that present challenges and at the same have great potential for us as we navigate them successfully. Hence the name "Confluence Law Center".

With her primary office in Welches, Paula lives, works and plays in the some of Oregon's most scenic treasures. Loving animals of every sort and kind, size and shape she currently shares her home with two rescue cats that keep her in line. When she is not working with the law, she loves to hike, play music, sing and is an ardent practitioner of yoga for staying fit and vibrant.

Schedule a complimentary consultation with Paula to get the help you are seeking to navigate the "confluences" in your life with an effective and comprehensive estate plan.

Confluence Law Center … here to help you at the confluences of your life.

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