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Whether you are choosing a potential heirloom or just want a cheapie to wear to the gym, here are some important things to consider when buying a wristwatch, from Leon Abel, watchmaker at Abel Watch Repair in Gresham.

What type of watch? Analog watches have hands, are traditional and can go many places from casual to formal occasions, depending on the material. Digital watches display numbers and are casual with features like alarms and stop watches.

Consider the material, both for the case and the band. The case holds the watch face and is made of plastic, resin, metals like steel or brass and precious metals like gold or platinum. Plastic is the least expensive and you can pay as much as you want for precious metals. You have the same options when choosing a band plus canvas and leather.

Choosing the type of movement or power source you would like. Watches run by batteries are the cheapest, quartz watches are a step up and are the most accurate timekeepers, while mechanical watches are wound by hand or self-winding that are run by the movement of the wearer.

Style varies from sports watches to platinum with diamonds to underwater watches for divers. It depends on what you will be doing while you are wearing them that will determine what style you choose.

Whatever watch you wear, you can count on Leon Abel to help you keep it maintained and running accurately.

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