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Paula Walker, Esq.

You have ideas for your future, for your life. And you have ideas for the future of those people and things you value, while you are here and when you are gone.

Estate Planning is an essential component fulfilling your vision for that future. It is a partnership in planning that incorporates your specific life's circumstances, goals for yourself and others, intentions for what you want to give, how, to whom and when. It involves a comprehensive examination of your accumulated wealth in real estate, finances and personal possessions. It provides an assessment of the effect of taxes on that wealth.

Estate Planning assists you in defining your goals and objectives for controlling the distribution of your wealth on your passing. It supports your aspirations for those people and things you want to foster with the benefits of your life's efforts.

A comprehensive Estate Plan incorporates a thorough look at your circle of family, friends and community, in planning for your welfare and theirs. It examines the responsibilities and obligations you have to others that must continue when you are unable to manage this yourself. It considers the effect of your incapacity or death on your partner, your spouse, your family, your business, and yes … your non-human companions. It provides the legal instruments you need to direct your healthcare and manage your affairs should you become incapacitated; and establishes your directives for end-of-life decisions.

Confluence Law Center … here to help you at the confluences of your life.

Your Life. Your Legacy. Your Way.

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