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An analog watch, which is the original way to tell time on your wrist, has a dial divided into 12 sections with roman numerals or numbers. An hour hand, minute hand and sometimes a second hand tell the time depending on their position. The watch can be powered by a battery, wound manually or wind itself with the motion of the wearers arm.

Originally, portable chronometers were pocket watches, except for one worn by Countess Koscowics of Hungary in 1868, which was a pocket watch embedded in a bracelet. Some watches were worn on a ribbon pinned upside down to a ladies bodice so she could look down and read it. After the troops were issued mechanical wind up wristwatches during WW1 they became fashionable.

Self-winding wristwatches became more prevalent in the 1920's and in 1952, the Elgin Watch Company produced the first battery operated watch. In 1969 the quartz watch was introduced by Seiko and battery operated watches became the norm. A quartz watch uses a battery to send electricity through a quartz crystal that oscillates at a steady rate. 90% of watches worn today are quartz watches.

The analog watch market has grown recently, due to young buyers' appreciation for quality, craftsmanship and design. The iwatch and other digital watches have lots of bells and whistles, but they really aren't fashionable. Some digital watches even have analog displays because most people prefer an analog watch.

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