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Paula Walker

Are you a procrastinator like me? As we round another year, we are occupied with the ritual of New Year's resolutions. One worth considering in the many that are worthwhile is creating or reviewing your estate plan.

Whether you simply want to be better organized about your own affairs in general or want to leave your loved ones one of the greatest gifts you can give - and I'm not talking here about your wealth in finances and belongings.

An estate plan consists of a set of documents that

transfer your possessions in an orderly manner according

to your directions upon your passing; and carries out your preferences for healthcare and financial stability should you have a time of incapacity while you are living. It identifies those whom you trust and rely on to perform those duties, and gives them solid direction in fulfilling your desires according to what's important to you.

And what about that furry companion? An estate plan

ensures for their well being too.

Who benefits from you making good on this new year's,

New Year resolution?...

Ultimately you... and those you love, be they breath & bones or causes you believe in. It is your gift to life... not just your wealth but your legacy.

Your Life.

Your Legacy.

Your Way.

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