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Paula Walker

So, you are thinking about creating your will or perhaps a trust. It may even be odd to think of this as an "estate plan" as you may consider yours a modest position as far as wealth and belongings go. A will or a trust are one of two main components to a comprehensive estate plan which also includes the documents for your healthcare and for your finances should you ever need to have someone support you and your affairs.

What to expect as you start with this most significant undertaking? Not all estate planning practices operate the same, but as a model of what you might expect once you decide to make your first appointment, we can look at what happens in general using Confluence Law Center as a model. Your first session will be a Complimentary Consultation. It is an opportunity for you to learn more about estate planning. The attorney educates and provides initial guidance tailored to your circumstances based on information you provide in filling out a short form prior to your meeting. Also that first complimentary session gives you the opportunity to determine if the attorney is a good fit for you before going any further. In sum, it is a 'learning opportunity' to assist you in making your next steps. We will continue this "what to expect" series, from complimentary session to completed plan over the next few articles.

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