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This article brought to you courtesy of Tony Kriss of Advanced Firearm Training, Greham Outlook Insider Expert.

Tony Kriss

As spring is just around the corner the thoughts of varmint hunting start rumbling around the minds of hunters and ranchers alike.

Ground squirrels, prairie dogs, grave diggers, sage rats (and other names unable to be put in print), start becoming the chatter around the shop for all hunters this spring. A varmint hunter has no age limit, does not differ between sexes or one's hunting ability.

Facts: Prairie dogs often carry fleas, which carry diseases — even some as grim as the sylvatic plague — which can be passed to livestock. When a prairie dog tunnels into the ground, it leaves behind deep holes. If a cow or horse steps into them, the animal may break a leg and have to be put down. Prairie dogs eat the same types of grasses as cattle and horses. They graze just like cattle or sheep, which there's only so much to eat per acre.

Some of the great cartridges for varmint hunting from small to the largest are as follows:

*22 long rifle 1200-1750 fps (Feet per second) with 131-204 pound of energy.

*17 HMR 2350-2650 fps with 245 250 pounds of energy.

*22 Magnum 1500-2300 fps with 300-325 pounds of energy.

*204 Ruger 3625-4225 fps with 1195-1351 pounds of energy.

*5.56 Or 223 Remington 2750-3750 fps with 1125-1333 pounds of energy.

*22-250Winchester 3500-4225 fps with 1585 to1751 pounds of energy.

*243 Winchester 3025-4058 fps with 1979 to 2134 pounds of energy.

And many more like 17 hornet, 22 hornet, 22 TCM, 220 swift,  just to name a few.

So, get out and enjoy the spring hunting season. Take your favorite varmint rifle, stretch it out to the distance they were made for and enjoy.

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