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Paula Walker, Esq.

Last month we started looking at the process involved with creating your comprehensive estate plan, using Confluence Law Center's approach as a model. Your first step is a Complimentary Consultation that gives you an opportunity to learn about estate planning. It also gives you the opportunity to determine whether the attorney you've consulted with is a 'good fit' to partner with you in this important and uniquely personal undertaking.

Next step, at the close of the Consultation your attorney will identify the type of comprehensive estate plan best suited to you and your objectives, a will-based plan or a trust-based plan. If you decide to move forward, you will schedule a session to design your estate plan. The Design Session requires approximately two hours. To help you prepare for and make the most productive use of that time, the attorney will provide you a list of concepts for you think about in advance of the Session. Some of the concepts are pragmatic. Some are soul-searching. During the Design Session your attorney will work with you to develop those concepts and the many related factors that will comprise the substance of your plan. At the conclusion of the Design Session the attorney provides a basic proposal for your plan based on the mix and complexity of elements required to meet your particular objectives.

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