This article brought to you courtesy of Karen Sottile, of Nature's Pet Market, Gresham Outlook Pet Care Expert.

Karen Sottlie

We love our pets and want the best for them. We at Nature's Pet Market want the same thing, so we have made a list of some new products that will make your life easier and your pet's life better.

The Headlight Harness is a reflective, water resistant, light-weight harness with a LED light. Your pooch will see and be seen in this adjustable harness that comes in sizes XS to XXL and comes with a 9V battery.

Your kitty will love the wide variety of cat nests available. There are pyramid or sphere rattan nests on legs or the floor, felted wool cat caves, or a plush lines long tube called a cat burrow bed. Some are even heated. There is a nest for every cat available.

We have all had a pet get into something smelly, sticky or yucky. Keep one of these packs of pet wipes handy to clean up your fur baby. Some are scented, some are hypoallergenic and some feature all natural ingredients.

If you pet scarfs their food and chokes or throws up from eating too fast, try a food maze bowl. Available in plastic, stainless steel or ceramic. Maze bowls have raised sections that look like a maze. Fido has to slow down and hunt in the channels to get his grub. Very effective and interesting, too. Most bowls are also dishwasher safe.

Stop into Nature's Pet Market in Gresham to check out these and other products for you and your pet.

Nature's Pet Market

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