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This article brought to you courtesy of Randy Preston of Honke Heating and Air Cinditioning, Gresham Outlook Heating and Cooling Expert.

Randy Preston

Fact: Skipping maintenance on your cooling system is like

owning a car and never changing the oil. Not only can regular maintenance extend the life of your system, it can identify serious problems. If you think about it, your cooling system runs more than your car does and has several moving parts like your car.

Regular maintenance is one the most important money saving things you can do for your home. Many homeowners are worried that routine maintenance will be too expensive, and wait until their system won't cool. It is more expensive to pay for parts and repair work and hanging around in the heat is no fun. Regular maintenance is less costly and more convenient than a major repair.

Here are some other reasons to maintain your cooling system. Most manufacturers require regular maintenance to validate the warranty. Regular maintenance will add 3 to 5 years to the life of your system. Keeping your system in top running order saves money on your power bill because your system will be more efficient. Your system will be more efficient if it is lubricated and cleaned during a yearly checkup.

If you've been avoiding maintenance on your system, don't delay. Honke Heating & Air Conditioning can help. Our HVAC repair experts can look at your system, identify problems and make sure it keeps you cool all summer long. Contact us to schedule maintenance today.

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