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This article brought to you courtesy of Karen Johnston of All About Automotive, Gresham Outlook Automotive Expert.

Karen Johnston

Essentially, motor mounts are typically made of rubber or a fluid filled rubber that are bonded to metal brackets that bolt to the engine and frame of the vehicle. They are designed as insulators that support, hang, or cradle the engine and transmission assemblies. There are usually 3 to 4 engine/transmission mounts on a vehicle.

Over time the rubber can deteriorate, crack, split, harden, compress, and leak fluid. This reduces the motor mounts ability to insulate engine vibrations and engine torque.

The resulting factors are, that the engine can move several inches especially on acceleration and deceleration, or changing of gears between drive and reverse this gives the potential misalignment of axle shafts, drivelines, and interference with rotating versus stationary components and stretching of wiring harnesses for the engine.

Some of the symptoms associated with worn motor mounts are:

Increased vibrations, noises, clunks and erratic engine movement when transmission is engaged in drive or reverse.

If you are experiencing some of these symptoms, we recommend having an inspection done by one of our Qualified Automotive Technicians and having the repair that is recommended performed in our clean and professional shop in Gresham. We look forward to being your family's trusted choice for auto repair and service. Be sure to go to our Shop Specials section on our website for our current promotions and specials. Happy Motoring!

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