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This article brought to you courtesy of Paula Walker of Confluence Law Center, Gresham Outlook Estate Planning Expert.

Paula Walker

Continuing to look at the process involved with creating your comprehensive estate plan, using Confluence Law Center's approach as a model, in the past four articles we've reviewed the Complimentary Consultation, the Design and the construction phases. Now you have arrived. Your comprehensive plan, based on a will or a trust, is complete and ready for signing. What happens now?

The Signing Ceremony is the highpoint, you, accompanied by two witnesses of your choosing (a will is only valid in Oregon with the signature of two witnesses) convene at your attorney's office to sign a variety of estate planning documents, built to your design. But prior to the witnesses arriving, you and your attorney reserve a block of time, 60 to 90 minutes to go through your completed estate plan, reviewing the key components of your design. Then, your witnesses arrive. They are there only to confirm your identity as the one signing the documents and to verify that the plan is your voluntary act, and that you understand what you are doing. They are not there to know the content of your estate plan. That is your private affair. Once the documents are signed and the witnesses depart, 20 – 30 minutes after they arrive, if you created a revocable living trust, there is one more phase to the Signing Ceremony that we will cover in the next article.

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