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This article brought to you courtesy of Randy Preston of Honke Heating and Air Conditioning, Gresham Outlook Heating and Cooling Expert.

Randy Preston

Have you ever needed some work done and someone said, "My friend's uncle's son can do that, and I can get you a good deal"? Well that may sound good, but is it really?

Before having just anyone do the work, make sure

The company has a Contractor's License. This means that they are doing business legally and you have recourse if the job goes wrong and it is not resolved.

The company is insured and bonded. This is for your protection you if there are damages to you or your property.

The filing for a permit and the proper inspections take place. Uninspected permits expire requiring the permit fee again and you will not be able to sell your home, until the work has been inspected.

The company is a dealer of the brand. They have not purchased the equipment "online" influencing your warranty.

The company is registering the equipment. Some brands will not honor the warranty if the equipment has not been registered. Some brands extend the normal warranty time by registering the equipment.

We at Honke Heating and Air Conditioning, do all filing for the permit, scheduling insurance, and registering the equipment for you.

Are you wondering that I am one of those "Friend's Uncle's Son?" NO! I did not even put in the equipment for my in-laws, I had them call another company that I know to put it in, even though they live a block from me…I just like keeping family and friend separate from work.

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