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This article brought to you courtesy of Karen Sottile, of Nature's Pet Market, Gresham Outlook Pet Care Expert

Karen Sottile

Sorry dog lovers, but according to the American Humane society, cats are Americas favorite pet, with 94 million of them living in U.S. homes. So many cats, so few vet visits. It is the issue that came up repeatedly from cat owners. How do I get the cat to the vet safely for all concerned?

 American Humane Veterinarian Dr. Kwane Stewart says the carrier is the most daunting part of vet visits. He suggests bringing out the carrier far in advance to let Mr. Kitty get used to it. Use treats and put blankets or toys inside to entice Fluffy inside. Nature's Pet Market in Gresham has all types of carriers and healthy treats as well as the most fascinating toys.

Practice the trip with your cat ahead of time. Take them on a short trip for practice, they might like it. Your Nature's Pet Market staff have lots of experience with cats and are available to give you advice about transporting your kitty.

If this isn't working, ask your vet about sedation, though the administration of medication can be problematic. Or see if they do home visits. I had to cancel several vet visits in a row before I got Penny the cat to the office. Nature's Pet Market in Gresham stocks several anti-anxiety products for felines and can assist you in choosing the right one for your kitty.

It is important for your cat to receive regular vet visits to maintain their health. If you have any questions, the staff at Nature's Pet Market can help.

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