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This article brought to you courtesy of Dan Schofield, of Weston Kia, Gresham Outlook Automotive Expert.

Dan Schofield

Summers are getting hotter in western Oregon and Weston Kia has some tips to keep your Kia cool so you can enjoy the weather.

When you get in your hot Kia, roll down the windows to let out hot air.

Use the max A/C button to cool your Kia in a hurry.  

If you get too cold, adjust the temperature or fan speed to help keep the temperature consistent. Don't switch your air conditioner on and off;

Too cold in the front, but still hot in the back seat? Redirect the A/C vents in the front to the ceiling or sides to move cool air to the rear.

Want to start your Kia at a distance to beat the heat? A Genuine Kia Factory Remote Start System is what you need. A Kia Remote Start System will start your Kia cooling before you even get in. Talk to our service department to learn more.

Park in the shade and use a reflective windshield to reduce heat buildup in your parked Kia. If you have a moonroof or large panoramic roof, close the roof shade to avoid heat buildup .Startup temps will be much lower, and it will get cool sooner.

If your older Kia isn't as cool, or if the cooling is inconsistent, bring it to Weston Kia right away. After several years, some refrigerant may have escaped from the system, and it's not working as well. 

Everyone wins at Weston, so come in today and check out the way a Kia will keep you cool.





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