This article brought to you courtesy of Karen Sottile of Nature's Pet Market, Gresham Outlook Pet Care Insider Expert.

Karen Sottile

In today's market it is difficult to sift through the various opinions out there as to what is appropriate to feed your dogs and cats.  In order to assist consumers navigate these tumultuous times, our staff has undergone professional training in Pet Nutrition and Raw Food feeding and earned their Pet Nutrition Specialist status.  Some of our staff has also enrolled in or completed a Certified Pet Dietitian program, the first of its kind!  Stop wondering what advice is the right advice and talk to our certified and trained staff.

At Nature's Pet Market we research and evaluate ingredients, quality, and value of all of the pet foods in our stores. Our dry foods are meat-based and free of corn, wheat, animal by-products and artificial colors. If your pet has sensitivities or special dietary needs, we carry and will help you select the most appropriate pet food. Your pet doesn't like his/her food? Not working with their system? Bring it back.

Our Raw Frozen Diets are designed to mimic your pet's natural ancestral menu. Raw diets are minimally processed resulting in higher levels of natural nutrition. Freeze fried and dehydrated foods combine many of the benefits of raw diets with the convenience of dry. Wet, or canned, food provides extra moisture dogs and cats. We only carry products with high quality ingredients from some of the finest manufacturers.  These come in convenient sizes as well.

Come see us and we'll find the appropriate product for your pet.

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