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Karen Johnston

Fuel systems are complicated and are continually being redesigned. To properly maintain the fuel system, it is important to understand its full function.

The fuel system stores and supplies fuel to the engine cylinders. The cylinders are where fuel is mixed with air, vaporized and burned to produce energy. When the engine is running there is a constant circulation of fuel from the fuel tank through the system and back to the fuel tank.

The fuel pump draws fuel from the tank, where it is stored, to the fuel lines and delivers it through a filter to the fuel injectors. The fuel then combusts in the cylinder chamber.

The best way to maintain your fuel system is listed below:

Keep the fuel tank level at ¼ of a tank or above. Most fuel pumps in newer vehicles are located in the fuel tank and extreme wear occurs if the vehicle runs very low or out of fuel often.

If your vehicle has an in line fuel filter, replace it every 15,000 miles or annually. A plugged fuel filter creates a restriction that can damage the fuel pump.

We recommend a fuel system cleaning service performed about every 2 years or 20,000 to 30,000 miles to keep the fuel injectors clean. This helps lower emissions, increase the longevity of the fuel injectors and improve performance and gas mileage.

Maintaining the fuel system of your vehicle is pretty simple and fairly inexpensive, but definitely worth the cost. Happy Motoring!

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