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Karen Johnston

This has been a tough year for all of us, we have been dealing with so many unprecedented events from pandemics to wind events to forest fires. We have discussed the best way to keep your car sanitized for your protection against Covid-19. Now we are going to talk about how ash and debris from the fires can affect your vehicle.

For the performance of the vehicle, and for your own personal health, the two most important factors: keep your engine air filter and your cabin air filter clean. You need to check them and change them out if they get dirty. There is a lot of ash & debris in the air and it can clog up your filters in a very short time. Keep your vehicle windows up and keep the air flow on recirculation so that the fresh air inlet into the vehicle is closed, to keep debris out of the compartment of the vehicle.

On the exterior of your vehicle it is a good idea to try to keep the ash off of the paint. Using a soft car duster to keep the ash & debris removed as a quick easy process. Ultimately, keeping the vehicle washed with car soap and water each time the ash gets on it. Make sure to rinse thoroughly with water before washing with soap, the ash can be abrasive so you have to be careful to not scratch the paint or the glass of the vehicle.

Stay safe, Keep Calm and Motor On!

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