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Prevent Scarring. Act now to improve skin health and beauty.

Adult acne is normal and can be managed and prevented with the right routine of skincare products. Using age appropriate acne products that won't over-dry the skin and that tackle wrinkles in the process is doable after a proper skin assessment. Balance is what it's all about.

J. Renee Organic skincare products offer a potent formula of antioxidants, anti-acne and oil busting ingredients while supporting your natural microbiome and preserving your moisture barrier. Natural salicylic acid from willow bark is anti-inflammatory, exfoliating, and contains polyphenols that hold onto moisture and tannins to aid in toning the skin and making pores appear smaller. Willow bark is just one of our anti-acne ingredients that also plays a role in antiaging. Most of our acne products are also amazing for aging skin, so people with adult acne see very favorable results after using .

Using balanced, well formulated natural products twice daily, provides proven results for acne, acne scarring and the redness and inflammation that accompany acne and other inflammatory skin conditions, without over-drying or using chemicals. If you aren't sure what's causing your acne, I highly suggest you to answer our skin type questionnaire? and get the right plan to stop and control your ongoing acne. We offer acne sets for your skin type to get you started and then you can order individual products as they run out. We don't do memberships or automatic purchases, so don't be afraid of being locked into a plan or having to pay for the whole set when all you need is a toner.

Here are some tips to prevent and control acne:

--Wash/change pillow cases at least every week, daily if acne is weepy, your skin is very oily, you share your pillow or you sleep with pets.

--Wash or change all scarves, beanies, Covid face masks and anything that rests on your skin daily.

--Wash your face with your full skincare routine daily AM and PM no matter what. Be consistent. This is ESSENTAL to prevent breakouts.

-- Do a peel and immediate acne maskafterward weekly or bi-weekly if your acne is severe and persistent, every other week if it's not.

--DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE….unless your washing it.

--To remove the "oil slick" that appears later in the day, use the backs of your hands or a clean tissue, never your fingers.

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NEVER pick!!! Most of the time, pimples "pop" backward through the skin and release the infection under the skin only to cause more acne. If you simply have to pop it, make sure it has come to a white head first and only do it after a steamy shower when your skin is moist. Never pop an "underground" pimple, it will only result in longer healing time, a mess of inflammation and possible long-term scarring and pitting.

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If you're seeing, or more-likely feeling a cystic zit forming, you can spot treat over night with the Glow Serum or the Coco Char Mask for as many nights as it takes for it to go away. Most of the time it will go away before forming into a white head if you catch it in time and don't touch or pick at it.

While the concept of diet causing acne are still controversial, many studies link sugar and dairy as links to the condition. I have seen numerous clients' acne improve when they omitted dairy and sugar, or drastically limited it in their diets.

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If your child has acne that starts to get worse around the teen years, it's imperative to tackle the issue before long term skin damage occurs. With proper education and home hygiene routine, kids can avoid acne drugs and stronger treatment and have better skin all though the puberty process. Your child will have better self-esteem in a time where it's in short supply; small changes in home routine go a long way. Not getting cystic acne under control can cause life-long scarring, pitting and self-esteem issues. Be proactive in getting your child the right routine; not all acne products are right for all skin types. Using OTC acne products that over-dry the skin will only make the problem worse and discourage your child from being consistent. Get your child a skin assessment and on the right routine ASAP to avoid more expensive treatment options in the future.

For only $25, give the gift of clear skin.

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