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Karen Johnston

(Continued from last month)

A vehicle that is out of alignment has a tendency to pull to one side, dive sideways when braking, cause wheel shake and compromise safety. It can also cause uneven tire wear, and that can affect traction, control and braking.

Some signs that your alignment is off will show up as; feathered edges on tires, cupped tires or tire edges, excessive tire wear on one tire edge or diagonal swipe on tire.

Uneven tire wear is a safety hazard, as it doesn't allow proper contact with the road compromising traction. The benefits of proper alignment are; safety, proper handling, fuel economy, braking control, by having the ability to maintain control and contact with the road.

A proper alignment will improve tire wear. When you have proper alignment, perform regular tire rotations, and keep them pressurized properly, you will get as much life as possible out of your tires by having them wear evenly. When you have proper alignment then you will get a full life out of your suspension parts, and not have them wear out prematurely.

Alignment checks should be performed annually and when you purchase new tires. At each oil change check tire pressure and fill as needed, perform tire rotation as needed and keep an eye on unusual tire wear, and keep an eye out for wearing suspension and steering linkage parts. Proper alignment will help to reduce issues with poor handling, fuel economy and excessive wear of the tires and suspension components. Happy Motoring!

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