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This article brought to you courtesy of Dr. Verenis Estrada of Sprouting Health and Wellness, Gresham Outlook Insider Health and Wellness Expert.

Dr. Verenis Estrada

All women go through menopause. The experience might be slightly different, but it is an experience we all share as women. So why is it we don't always have access to information about this natural transition? The onset age of menopause ranges from about 45 to 55. The most common symptoms of menopause are hot flashes, night chills, joint pain, vaginal dryness, depressed mood, painful sex, and loss of libido. Once in menopause the risk increase for cardiovascular disease, hypertension, bone loss, type 2 diabetes, stroke and arthritis. There are different options to help treat the more annoying symptoms of menopause, and the delivery methods vary from a pill, cream, patch, ring, and more.

Menopause Hormone Therapy: This is when estrogen and/or progesterone are replaced in the body to balance hormones. Bioidentical hormones are commonly used and have the same structure as the hormones we naturally produce.  

Natural Remedies: For those not interested in hormones, there is a wide range of botanicals that can help with the symptoms of menopause. Different botanicals will help different symptoms.

Hormones are not a one size fits all and working with your naturopathic physician can help find the right fit for your individual needs. There are many side benefits to proper menopausal hormone therapy, including decreased risk of cardiovascular events such as heart attacks, osteoporosis, higher quality of life, and improved mood. If you struggle with menopause or other women's health concerns, schedule an appointment with Dr. Verenis Estrada today.

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