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This article brought to you courtesy fo Karen Johnston, of all About Automotive, Gresham Outlook Insider Automotive Repair Expert.

Karen Johnston

With the increasing global climate change concerns, we are all more aware of we keep how our daily choices really affect the environment. When it comes to driving, choices about the car we drive, or how much we drive, what kind of fuel we use. Being Eco-friendly and being more environmentally conscious is really about making good choices that will increase the quality of life on our planet now and in the future.

We have lots of choices to purchase and drive more environmentally vehicles, whether they are electric, hybrid or just extremely fuel efficient. If purchasing a new or barely used vehicle is not in your immediate future there are ways to make your current vehicle more Eco-friendly.

The #1 way is to increase the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. Keeping up to date on maintenance, properly inflated tires, driving with clean air and fuel filters will

help the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. Driving habits can also affect fuel efficiency, using cruise control or a more consistent speed while driving on the highway, coasting to a stop, braking slowly, and normal acceleration at stops can also help.

If your check engine light is on, if your vehicle is running rough, if you have a poor exhaust system, or if there is smoke out the tailpipe, have your vehicle diagnosed and repaired. A vehicle with poor emissions has a huge impact on our environment.

If your vehicle is leaking oil, coolant, gear oil, power steering, transmission, or brake fluid these contaminate our environment. These fluids contaminate the ground and seep into our storm drains and contaminate the water. Have the leaks fixed.

Another way is to drive less. We are so dependent upon our vehicles, we seem to have a hard time giving them up for an hour, let alone a whole day or two when it needs maintenance and repairs. Living close to where you work, using alternative transportation at times, combining errands to be more efficient, and carpooling

are ways to use the car less often, therefore lessening your carbon footprint.

Making just a few of these simple changes can help make your vehicle a little "greener", without buying a new car. Happy Motoring!

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