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People love their pets. More than half (57%) of people around the globe own an animal, and 90% consider their pets part of the family. Dogs are the most common pets owned in the U.S., followed by cats.

Furry friends lead to dander, which take a toll on your home's indoor air quality and even your family's health. The American Lung Association notes that pet dander can trigger allergies that range from congestion and sneezing to wheezing, watery eyes, and rashes. Children and older adults are impacted most.

Fortunately, there are some simple steps pet owners can take to improve their home's indoor air quality and enjoy a happy, healthy life with pets in the home.

Regular baths and brushing will limit the spread of dander.

Vacuum weekly using a machine with a HEPA filter.

Make your bedroom off limits to improve your indoor air quality. If you must snuggle, explore Indoor Air Quality Solutions, to reduce the amount of pet dander in the air.

While many air-cleaning systems filter out particles, destroy germs, or attack odors, there are purification systems that provide a whole-home Indoor Air Quality Solution that combats all three major indoor types of air contaminants: airborne particles, germs and bacteria, and chemical odors and vapors.

Here at Honke Heating & Air Conditioning, we have many indoor air quality solutions to fit your needs. Contact us or visit our website today to see what we can do to help keep your air clean and healthy.

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