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Karen Johnston

The cost of fuel is on the rise ion a daily basis, so it may have you wondering what is the best way to make your vehicle more fuel efficient. There are a few ways that you can keep your vehicle as fuel efficient as possible.

Having your vehicle regularly inspected and in proper running condition is the first key to fuel efficiency. There are a number of simple things that can contribute to a reduction in fuel efficiency:

A dirty air filter

Worn spark plugs

A dirty throttle body

An old or clogged fuel filter

Tires that are not at the proper air pressure

Improper alignment of wheels

Addressing driver alerts like the Check Engine or Service Engine soon light may also affect fuel efficiency. Also, have your gas cap checked regularly to make sure that the seal is not allowing fuel to escape and vaporize.

Unclutter your vehicle, if you are driving around with your vehicle loaded down it can cause more work for your vehicle. Lastly look at your driving habits, are you racing to the stops or taking off fast from a stop? Gradually letting your vehicle reach the desired speed conserves more fuel and is easier on the wear and tear of the vehicle. Avoid excessive idling, while your car is running and not moving you are getting 0 miles to the gallon, no matter how fuel efficient your vehicle is. Turn off your vehicle if you are idling for any longer than a couple of minutes. It is not advised though, to turn off your vehicle during stop and go traffic, this can cause a safety hazard.

If you are wise with how you maintain and drive your vehicle, it can save you money at the fuel pump and on the repairs of your vehicle. Keeping a vehicle well maintained increases the safety, reliability and longevity of that vehicle. Happy Motoring!

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