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Honke Heating and Air Conditioning

Summer is here, and the last thing you need is a broken AC unit. Some simple maintenance now can save you time and money later. Read on for six steps to keep your AC working.

Change your filters. Sometimes, the easiest step is also the most important. Dirty filters reduce your system's efficiency and cause your AC coil to freeze and leak water outside the indoor unit.

Clear area around outdoor condenser. At least 18" of clearance around outdoor condenser are required for correct air flow. Remove stored items and leaves around the unit, so nothing causes a restriction in the air flow.

Check the outdoor coil. If there is a collection of debris around the outdoor coil you may need to have someone come out to clean the coil.

Check the air vents. Check to make sure that at least 90% of your supply air vents are open and that your return grills are not blocked so there is proper air flow going across the indoor evaporator coil.

Check the coolant line. Replace the insulation on the coolant pipes from the evaporator to the outdoor condenser if it is torn or missing.

Thermostat batteries. This is a good time to change batteries in your electronic thermostat.

Consider a tune-up. Our skilled service technicians at Honke Heating and Air Conditioning can give your system a complete checkup to ensure an easy and breezy summer. Call us at (503) 666-3725 and stay cool!

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