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This article brought to you by Karen Johnston, of All About Automotive, Gresham Outlook Insider Automotive Expert.

Karen Johnston

During the summer months people tend to drive their cars more, even when they are not going on a serious road trip. Small trips to the beach, the lake, small camping trips, driving up to the mountain, or even Eastern Oregon are some favorite excursions. It's a good idea to have an inspection prior to any increased driving, especially if you are going to be in warmer climates. Extreme weather hot or cold can accentuate a weakness in many of the systems within your vehicle.

A good thorough inspection would include:

Tire Pressure, Tread Depth, and Date of Tire

Checking All Fluid Levels and Conditions

Inspecting For Leaks

Inspect Belts and Hoses, Brakes, Lights and Wiper Blades

Charging System Test

The #1 reason people breakdown on US Highways is due to a tire failure, the #2 reason is overheating. Both of these conditions are preventable with a proper inspection and repair if necessary. 90% of tires fail in the last 10% of their life, so making sure they are in good shape is a great idea even for everyday driving.

If your vehicle starts overheating pull over and turn it off immediately, and have it towed to a repair facility, engine damage can occur when a vehicle overheats.

Make sure you have a spare tire and jack equipment and an emergency kit for any unexpected occurrences. Being properly prepared and having your vehicle in trustworthy shape, will help alleviate undue distress. Happy Motoring!

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