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Think of the song you fell in love to. The song that played at your wedding. The song you'd sing to your baby in the middle of the night to get them to sleep.

Music is the soundtrack to our lives. Those songs can stay with us into our senior years, a time when music and singing can be especially vital, as there are a wide variety of ways they can have significant impacts on the wellness of older adults.

How Music and Singing Impact Older Adults

Studies have shown that music has many tangible benefits for older adults: it improves mood, boosts energy and can create positive feelings and even bring back fond memories.

Besides just listening to music, singing can also be incredibly impactful for seniors. Physically, singing can provide an aerobic workout, helping to improve lung function, circulation and releasing hormones that fight stress.

For those living in senior living communities, singing can be a bonding experience that improves camaraderie and strengthens relationships. As people reminisce about the importance of a particular song in their life, they can sometimes find shared experiences that bring them closer to their fellow residents.

Prestige Sings!

At Prestige Senior Living Huntington Terrace, we have residents and staff taking part in our annual Prestige Sings! virtual singing competition.

Throughout the month of June residents and team members from across all Prestige communities are submitting videos with weekly voting for favorites until winners are crowned!

For more, or to watch our talented performers and cast your votes, visit

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