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Cindy Passannante

A travel planner works for their client to arrange flights, hotels, cruises and tours. The planner makes money from commissions earned from the bookings.

A good travel planner will spend time getting to know you and finding out what expectations you have for your trip. Then they are able to provide the experiences you want within your budget.

A travel agent may charge an upfront fee or deposit, but for the most part do not charge their clients. Your planner will spend the time researching deals on flights, rental cars and tours so you don't have to. In a recent study agents saved their clients an average of $425 on a trip.

Travel is subject to weather, natural disasters and other events, like the Atlanta Airport power outage that disrupted travel for thousands of people for days. Your travel planner has the access and knowledge to take care of rescheduling flights and accommodations. With a travel agent you can call a person you know who will be able to help instead of standing in line at an airport.

Many agents have either travelled to your location or have taken workshops and classes so they are up to date on all the latest information and specials. C.P. Trips has just attended a seminar on cruises and is able to book you the cruise you have been waiting for.

Travel agents do the work, you pack and go! Call Cindy at C.P. Trips to arrange the journey you have been wanting to take.

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