An investigation into allegations that the Damascus mayor’s wife used a cellular phone to take images of documents on a city staffer’s desk finds no evidence of criminal conduct.

The Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office released the police report Wednesday, Sept. 27, outlining the allegations and findings.

Lt. Shane Strangfield wrote in his report that a forensic examination by Deputy Scott Gotter found no evidence of “contents that had been either created by or stored on the device on Sept. 4,” or evidence of data being erased.

Cindy Spinnett, wife of Mayor Steve Spinnett, provided her iPhone for an examination after City Manager Greg Baker reported on Sept. 5 that she might have used such a phone to photograph or record images of city documents at City Hall.

Spinnett was there to request a public document. But when a staffer left for a minute to make a photocopy, two other staffers reported seeing the woman lean over the counter to read a document on the staffer’s desk.

They also reported that she appeared to be using a cellular phone to record images of the documents, which was part of an investigation into code compliance case.

One of the witnesses even demonstrated how the woman put her elbows up on the counter to elevate herself enough to see the file.

When interviewed by police, Spinnett denied reading any paperwork on the desk and denied taking pictures or recording them.

“Mrs. Spinnett stated she is short and was leaning up on the counter with her elbows,” Strangfield wrote in the report.

She said she was looking around while waiting for her photocopy but wasn’t looking at anything specifically. She also did not recall getting any calls or texts while there.

As for the code compliance case, Spinnett said she does not know the person involved or have any connections to the person.

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