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School board will take action Tuesday, Feb. 11, on a lease agreement

Negotiations on Corbett's controversial charter school are continuing after school board directors voted unanimously to renew the charter Wednesday, Jan. 22, for a period of five to 10 years.

The decision to renew was based on five criteria through House Bill 2875. After Jan. 22, the parties entered a 90-day period in which the district and charter school negotiate a new charter agreement.

Now, the board is focused on the charter's lease agreement and how it affects the overall district financially.

At the heart of community concerns about the charter is contention over the school’s alternative philosophy — with an emphasis on Advanced Placement classes — and how it fits into the mission of the overall school district.

Many members of the public have said they believe the charter and its administration drive a rift in the school community and crowds classrooms.

If the board had voted against renewing the school, the charter could have appealed to the state, which could have overruled the district board and sponsored the charter renewal.

After an hour and 45-minute executive session Wednesday, Feb. 5, the board agreed Superintendent Randy Trani and directors Todd Mickalson and Tori Purvine would meet with Charter Director Bob Dunton on Friday about a lease agreement.

The directors agreed to reconvene for a special board meeting at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 11, in the multipurpose room for an action item on the agreement.

"We would also invite the charter school representatives to give their final ideas to the board on what that agreement would be," said Chairman Charlie O'Neil. "Tuesday will be the big meeting with decisions."

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