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A year ago, Wood Village decided it wanted an official city flag. The issue was there hadn’t been one ever designed.

“There could have been one way back in the ‘50s or something, but there’s nothing in our records to indicate anything,” said Greg Dirks, Wood Village records manager and driving force behind the city flag.

The city logo was designed only in the 1990s, Dirks added, but he and the city staff feels it’s necessary.Photo Credit: CONTRIBUTED PHOTO - This is one of many flag designs under consideration by the Wood Village City Council.

“I think it’s just to help give us a sense of place, to help people know you’re in a special community,” he said. “We’re only one square mile, so it’s something a little extra to help.”

With a plan in mind, the city opened a community contest to design the future flag.

“it was pretty open as far as the contest,” he said. “What do you think of when you think of Wood Village? Put it on a flag.”

There was even a cash prize for the winning submission. But Dirks said they received zero submissions from the community. There were two from the Reynolds High School graphic design program, he said, but those were solicited and unfortunately didn’t meet what the council was looking for.

“While they appreciated the efforts, it was not quite what they were looking for in a flag,” Dirks said.

The council then directed city staff, meaning Dirks, to come up with a design.

“The idea was to get the community involved, but when the community didn’t get involved, it was a little disappointing,” he said. “But we still want a flag to fly at City Hall.”

Dirks made four designs with varying color themes, but they all feature the city logo in some form.

“We don’t have city colors, so it’s more earth tones,” he said.

There’s one option featuring stars, which Dirks said is meant to represent the city councilors.

“The council may chose the first one, it’s just the logo,” he said.

The designs will be presented at Tuesday’s council meeting, where Dirks said community input is more than welcome.

“The council would really probably appreciate it if some folks could actually come to the meeting and give some feedback. There could be some people interested, but felt they didn’t have the artistic ability. That would be welcome,” he said. “We always enjoy community participation. This is another way to get people engaged. We’re trying to keep people involved with the city in a fun way.”

Once a design is selected, the flag will take its place on the flag pole outside City Hall. For now, there won’t be any other city flags flying in Wood Village, but Dirks said they might be available to purchase.

“I know the council talked about offering it for sale if other folks or businesses wanted to purchase one,” he said. “We might see what the overall response to it is. We wouldn’t object to someone buying one.”

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