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'These are long-term plans.'

CONTRIBUTED OHOTO - A flier for the event.Want to help shape the future of the Halsey Corridor?

The cities of Fairview, Wood Village and Troutdale need your input as they work together to reimagine Halsey Street from 205th Avenue to the Sandy River.

A community workshop is planned from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., Thursday, Oct. 27, at the Wood Village Baptist Church, 23601 N.E. Arata Road. The event is free and open to the public. Light refreshments will be provided.

After a short presentation of the work done so far, city staff will break out game-show buzzers and conduct anonymous instant polling to gauge residents’ visions for the thoroughfare.

Guests also will mark up maps to show regional planners where they want new safety improvements, infrastructure and different land uses.

“It’s kind of like Sim City,” explains Scott Fregonese, the lead consultant for the project, referring to a popular, city-designing video game. “Hasely is a pretty low-traffic street. There’s potential for a lot of development.”

Fregonese says the proposal foresees traditional Main Streets on Halsey in Wood Village and Fairview, as well as potentially developing a fourth “node” somewhere in Troutdale.

McMenamins has purchased the fields across the street from its Edgefield location, and could be a key stakeholder for the project.

“These are long-term plans,” Fregonese says. “(These areas) may not be as established, but if we get a seed planted, it could really change the face of Halsey.”

For further information on the community workshop, or to learn more about the Halsey Corridor economic development plan, visit

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