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Request follows two pedestrian fatalities in December and adoption of Vision Zero Action Plan last year.

KOIN 6 PHOTO - A pedestrian was hit by a car and killed on SE Division Street, December 7, 2016.The City Council will consider lowering the speed limit on outer Southeast Division Street to 30 miles per hour on Thursday.

The new limit will be set as an "emergency" speed between 82nd and 174th avenues, the city border with Gresham. Current speed limits range from 35 to 40 miles per hour.

An ordinance submitted to the council by Commissioner Dan Saltzman says the reduction is justified under state law because the emergency is caused by a high number of crashes in that stretch of Division.

The reduction can last for 120 days, the ordinance says.

According to an impact statement submitted with the ordinance, two pedestrians were killed within hours of each other on in crashes on Outer Division on Dec. 7. In 2016, five people died in traffic crashes while traveling on outer Southeast Division. Seven crashes happened on a two-mile stretch between 124th and 156th avenues that year alone.

In addition, the statement says, outer Southeast Division is on the city's designated High Crash Network due to the high rate of crashes.

The submission of the ordinance comes after the council adopted a Vision Zero Action Plan last year to eliminate all fatal and serious injuries crashed by 2020. Following the December crashes, the council approved $300,000 for education and outreach on outer Southeast Division to reduce crashes.

According to the statement, the stretch of street east of SE 82nd is located near Portland's Communities of Concern, as designated by the Vision Zero Action Plan. The traffic deaths and injuries on outer Southeast Division greatly affect the diverse communities in the Jade District, Division Midway Alliance and other communities in East Portland, the statement says.

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