Annual recipe contest by The Outlook newspaper calls for Baker's Choice this year.

FILE PHOTO - The starving journalists who produce your newspapers are anxious to sample what your family considers a 'must have' on your holiday table.A few months ago, Outlook city reporter Christopher Keizur was writing about football tailgate parties for a special section. Part of the assignment required a recipe or two for tasty knoshes so he did what most single guys do when they need culinary guidance — he called mom.

Mom came through, preparing a family-favorite veggie pizza. After embellishing it in both Beaver and Duck colors, Mrs. Keizur sent young Mr. Keizur a photo of the pizza from her Cougar Country kitchen in Pullman, Wash., along with the recipe.

OK, so veggie pizza may not be the most appropriate dish for a holiday table. It does illustrate, however, that regardless of the occasion, whenever families gather there is always at least one dish that must be present in order for the gathering to be complete. It could be Great-aunt Mabel's version of Mamie Eisenhower's fudge, Grandma Ruth's Pecan Pie or Brother Bill's Bourbon Balls.

Our illustrious leader, Publisher Steve Brown, considers stuffing a staple for Thanksgiving and Christmas. If it's not on the table for the holidays, he says, "Somebody has dropped the ball."

Drooling over thoughts of traditional holiday dishes reminds us it's time for the starving journalists who produce your newspapers to shamelessly pander for homemade goodies under the guise of a contest.

But we're changing things up a little this year. Instead of begging for a specific kind of holiday treat, we're looking for the Baker's Choice. We are leaving it up to YOU, our faithful and generous bakers, to tempt the judges with the one delicacy considered a seasonal tradition in your family. Cookies. Pies. Candy. Breads. In other words, what is the one holiday treat that better be on the buffet table or you'll find yourself sitting with the pre-school crowd in the kitchen?

We're inviting you to bring in a sample (or plateful, if you'd like) of your best homemade goodie, and its recipe, to our second-floor office in the Burnside Plaza, 1584 N.E. Eighth St., Suite 200. Our judges will be on hand to greet you between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Monday through Wednesday, Dec. 4-6. Visitors are admitted through the main door on the north side of the building. Just follow the directions of the keypad at the door and we will buzz you in.

We realize making the trek into our office to pacify a group of hungry journalists is asking a lot. We promise to make it worth your time — we will take your picture and chat a little. A carefully selected group of judges will scientifically choose two winners, each of whom will receive a $25 Starbucks gift card. One Best of Show overall winner will be rewarded with $50 cash.

At the Endicott house, green salad is passed over unless it's dressed with a cranberry vinaigrette and accompanied by star-shaped toast points.

Questions? Contact Anne Endicott at 503-492-5118 or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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