OLCC expanding recyclables to include kombucha, tea, coffee and hard cider in 2018.

OUTLOOK PHOTO: ZANE SPARLING - Gatorade will cost Oregonians an extra 10 cents at the register starting in 2018. Oregonians will soon be able to fill their pockets by returning new types of cans and bottles for a refund.

Starting Jan. 1, consumers can expect to pay an extra 10 cents upfront whenever they glug down Gatorade, sip from glass bottles of Starbucks coffee or kibitz over kombucha.

The mandate affects most containers of sealed glass, plastic or metal — including coffee, tea, kombucha, energy and sports drinks, hard cider, juice and protein drinks — reports the Oregon Liquor Control Commission.

"It's the kind of beverage that's inside the container that's changing," explained OLCC Spokeswoman Christie Scott.

Under the old rules, consumers only paid up when buying water, malt or carbonated beverages. That law applied regardless of what the company put on the label.

For instance, some "ciders qualify as a malt beverage, even though it's called cider," added Scott.

Wine, hard alcohol, dairy and plant-based milk will remain exempt from the surcharge, as will bottles of infant formula and meal-replacement drinks like Ensure or Boost.

Soda, beer and water will continue to have a 10-cent refund value at BottleDrop centers and certain grocery stores.

Redemption prices jumped from 5 cents to 10 cents in April 2017 — the first update to deposit values since Oregon's first-in-the-nation "Bottle Bill" was signed into law in 1971.

Merchants have until 2019 to sell off products with the outdated five-cent label. Regardless of the marking, all recyclables will return a full dime.

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