Dispensaries face 30-day closure or $4,950 fee, announces Oregon Liquor Control Commission.

FILE PHOTO - Marijuana inside a dispensary. Retail pot hawkers will face stiffer fines if they're caught selling marijuana to minors, a state agency has announced.

Starting Friday, Jan. 26, first-strike offenders will be required to fork over $4,950 or close their doors for 30 days if they unintentionally sell marijuana to those younger than 21.

"There's no margin for error on making sure that marijuana doesn't get in the hands of minors," Oregon Liquor Control Commission Chair Paul Rosenbaum said in a news release. "The integrity of Oregon's regulated system depends on industry compliance across the board."

Strike two comes with an automatic 30-day moratorium on cannabis sales for any retailer, and the OLCC will permanently revoke the license of any store that racks up three violations within a two-year period.

The OLCC will re-evaluate the rule and consider making it permanent after six months.

Previously, the penalty for selling pot to a minor was just a $1,650 fine or a 10-day suspension.

"The early results are unacceptable and we'll keep holding retailers and their employees accountable until they get it right," said Steve Marks, the agency's executive director.