District serving Aims, Bridal Veil, Corbett and Springdale shortens unwieldy moniker.

FILE PHOTO - Some of Corbetts dedicated volunteer firefighters hang out at the station on Historic Columbia River Highway. The Corbett fire agency has changed its name from Multnomah County Rural Fire Protection District No. 14 to the more concise Corbett Fire District.

"We're just going to go by the common name people have called us for years," said Dave Flood, fire chief. "To be honest, every one of our neighbors and all the agencies have called us Corbett Fire — the Gresham Fire Department, 9-1-1. It's easier to understand. The other name was a real mouthful."

Nothing else has changed for the department. Corbett Fire District will still provide fire protection, emergency medical and technical rescue services to the communities of Aims, Bridal Veil, Corbett and Springdale.

This approximately 40 square-mile area is bordered on the west by the Sandy River, to the north by the Columbia River, to the east by the community of Bridal Veil and the Clackamas County line on the south.

The clunky former name was used by the county to describe taxing districts and it will still remain in place for business purposes. However, the new name designates for the public the principal area that the fire department serves.

The change was prompted by the purchase of a new fire truck, replacing one that had been in service for 33 years.

"The idea has been floating around for years," Flood said. "When we got the new fire truck, we decided it was a good time to start the change."

The Corbett Fire District has three stations. The main station is in Corbett and the others are in Aims and Springdale. tThe department is staffed with 36 volunteer firefighters and Flood, the part time chief.

In 2017, the Corbett Fire District responded to 534 calls for fires and medical assistance to a population of approximately 4,000 people. However, on a warm summer day the population increases significantly as people hike and play in the Columbia River Gorge scenic area.

Corbett Fire District will switch to the new name on equipment and uniforms as items are replaced.

"We're the same fire department we've always been," Flood said.

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